Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Obsession or Passion?? I can't decide.... somebody help me!!!

So if you are like me, really passionate about crafts and all that follows, I bet you are familiar with "the best magazine" out there.... Martha Stewart Living
I decided is the best magazine out there, because I subscribed in December... and every month I wait, I count the days, for this magazine to arrive... And I got the real deal, the real magazine, not the digital one, because for me the whole experience is different... it's so not the same to go through pages, to feel them in your fingers, and that magazine smell is priceless.

anyways... if you are not subscribed yet, and you have been thinking about it, or some time ago you had the urge to purchase one issue... take it from me... you need this magazine in your life... I has everything... seasonal stuff, recipes, organization tips, tips for planting and gardening, tips for when you are buying fruits... etc... etc... etc...

I had to share this obsession.... so you can have it too...

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