Monday, June 9, 2014

No Sew Fabric Flower Tutorial

 Fabric Flower Tutorial

Crazy about flowers!!!

As you may have already noticed, I'm crazy about flowers, that is why today I'll be guiding you throughout the making of your very own fabric flower pin or hair pin... I made two in one as you will be learning.... Here goes...

The first thing you need to do is cut out circles of different sizes, which is all up to you.

I cut them pretty close in size, sometimes even the same size, so when I put my flower together it can look fuller.  The biggest circle will be the size of your flower.  For this flower I cut a total of 12 circles in different sizes.

This part is very important, the type of fabric that I used was perfect for this, is the fabric that is used to line dresses.  I slightly put the edges of my fabric circles to the heat of the candle...note THE HEAT... not directly at the flame, because it catches fire pretty fast.... the heat was enough to make the edges curve... this adds movement and volume to the flower.

This is how they start looking after the heat...

Then is time to assemble the flower... using a pin start putting together all the circles, being very careful to put the pin right in the middle of each circle.

Another look.

This is the tricky part... holding the needle, start opening each circle, like so.... and add hot glue and press.... the other side... and press... the other layer.. then press... and so on...

Repeat... Repeat... don't do it so close to the middle because then you'll not be able to remove the pin.

After all is dry and together... remove the pin.  Take a hair clip, or a clothes pin... or both (like I did) and just hot glue that at the bottom of the flower.  Feel free to decorate the center as you please... I used half a pearl.... because I loooooove pearls.... you can use a button, beads, glitter... THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.

And the end result!!!!

A beautiful flower that you can use on your head, on your clothes, on you bag.... ANYWHERE!!!!

There is a variation to this flower that I made layering the fabric and tulle, the same routine as this flower... only double the work... cutting tulle and fabric circles two circles of tulle for each layer...
Hope you like it... Feel free to comment of ask questions!!!
On to the next project!!!