Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIY Flower Crown Tutorial

Hello everyone, today I will be guiding you to make your own flower crown.
The materials you will need are fairly simple, to use and to buy.
What you will need:
3 types of ribbon, any color that goes with your flower, I used about a yard and a halve for this flower crown because I like the ribbons to hang loose on the back when I tie them.

Fabric scissors and regular ones.

Glue gun.

Artificial flowers.

You will also need felt.  Any color that goes with your flower or ribbon.  You just need small pieces.

The first thing you need to do is tie a knot, this knot will be located about 1/2 a yard from any of the ends of your ribbons.

Next you have to braid your three ribbons, measure your head so you braid a little less than your head.  Measure so the knots are before they meet, that way you can tie it when its done and the knots wont get in the way.  Tie another knot at the end of the braid so it looks like the picture.

Another look of the braid and knot.

Now take off the stems of the flowers and cut the little tube thingy that is left.

I'm a perfectionist so I need to do this to feel better.  Take of the green thing and cut the extra tube thingy... Sometimes this will make your flower come apart, so you need to be very careful and if this happens, just glue the middle with the glue gun.  Mine came apart so I had to glue them.  Another thing.... I made some tiny cuts on the green thingy son it could spread more and not be too pointy.

Cut your yarn to small pieces, kind of like these.

Put hot glue on the middle of the braid and paste your first flower.  Then turn it over so you can paste the yarn pieces.  I like to paste these yarn pieces because I have bought the flower crowns they sell in stores, the problem is they hurt my forehead because of the stiff material and glue they use...
Close up of little piece of yarn on the back... and some hot glue spill :s
Note that the flowers are very close together, that is because when you put them on and they take the curve of the head, you can see empty spaces... and that's not pretty.

This is not the most beautiful backing in the world, but I guarantee your forehead wont be hurting during or when you take it off.

End result... I love it.... and of course... Scandal on the background

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